Our Company

Vesta, Inc. is a private, non-profit, comprehensive behavioral health care organization  with seven locations throughout Maryland. Vesta offers comprehensive, flexible, and ongoing services for adults, children and adolescents with a wide range of psychological difficulties, including serious and persistent mental illness. Services include:

Our Philosophy

The mission and guiding principle of Vesta, Inc is to make each client and their personal development a priority. All individuals, regardless of their illness or housing status, are entitled to a quality of life which includes stable housing, employment, and community involvement. Vesta recognizes there are barriers and limitations in the form of stigma, funding, and availability of programs to meet the goals of those we serve and is dedicated to overcoming those obstacles.

Our most important resource in overcoming these obstacles and achieving the goals of those we serve is the Organization’s employees. Vesta, Inc’s staff is committed to the personal growth of those whom we serve as well as the growth of Vesta, Inc staff members. In working towards this commitment, we recognize that high quality service to those we serve can only be accomplished through the work of trained, dedicated, and satisfied employees. In this regard, the commitments upon which our mission is based include the following:

  • To treat with respect, each employee, customer, and client of and visitor to the Organization;
  • To establish clarity and accountability in each staff position, supporting the growth of the staff member through education and continual learning;
  • To provide an efficient and friendly environment;
  • To encourage ongoing communications between clients, staff, management, and leadership;
  • To provide a process for the resolution of disputes and grievances;
  • To empower clients to achieve self-determination and enhance their lives within the community;
  • To promote the advocacy of consumer rights, needs, and the reduction of stigma within the community.