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As family, we witnessed how much care the Vesta team has...

Dear Charletha,

I just want to say thanks to all the Vesta employees responsible for taking care of my brother, especially as he is experiencing challenging times. The employees at South Barnaby House have been like family to him, despite how he may respond sometimes. I regret the delay in sending this. I want to bring special attention to what happened when my brother was hospitalized about a month ago. When I arrived at the hospital, Esther was there and had been with him throughout. He was anxious but she calmed and kept him calm. Brian arrived to relieve Esther about the time that the nurse was trying to draw blood from him. Despite having this done to him a hundred times, he was not having it that day. Unsuccessfully, my mother and I tried to get my brother to understand and allow the blood to be drawn. It was only Brian who was able to speak to him and calm him down. With Brian beside him, my brother allowed the nurse to do her job. As family, we witnessed how much care the Vesta team has for my brother and how much he trusts them. It was re-assuring to see and we are grateful.

I just wanted to make sure that its known how well Vesta employees (residential and program) interact and engage with their clients on-site and in the field, especially, Brian, Jordan, Linda, Linda, Esther, Yevonnie and there are others that I can't name but know.

Thank you for all that you do.


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From Gwyn Williams

A Testimonial From Horizon's Staff - Horizon's Fifth Anniversary, November 2011


Dear Jignesh and Ash,

I will not be able to attend the reception tonight as currently it is really difficult to walk. Thank you, Jignesh, for asking if there was a way to make getting there easier, but right now I get wiped out just getting from home to work.
I wanted to let you know though how much I appreciate being able to work for Vesta. After Vesta acquired WATS, I think most of the therapists were very skeptical that anything would change. Right from the beginning, you were honest and realistic about your expectations and your plans for the company. I know that initially you encountered resistence from many of the therapists, but you have been methodical about the changes you have made and you have kept your promises.
In supervising the interns, I am told uniformally that Vesta is known for providing a challenging clinical and professionally supportive experience. I think in large part this is due to Phil Newsom's leadership and message that we are all working toward a common goal. This has created an environment of collegiality among the therapists and staff and benefits both clients and those of us who work at Vesta.
Even though I am devoting more time to my own private practice, I love the work I am able to do at Vesta, both with supervisees and clients, and I knowl that the experience has made me a better therapist.
So again, thank you for the opportunity to work for such a great organization, and I hope to be able to attend Vesta Horizon's 10th anniversary!

Gwyn Williams

Letter of Appreciation

Ms Curtis:

I want to take this opportunity to let you and the VESTA leadership know how my sisters and I feel about the service VESTA performs for my brother, Jack, and so many others who suffer with mental illness. Many years ago when my brother was having terrible problems and my parents had nowhere to turn, somehow they found out about VESTA and the Forestville location. For probably 20 plus years, my mom and dad took Jack there four or five days a week. My dad and mom died in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Before mom’s death, she worked with VESTA (Peggy O’Brien) to place Jack in one of the VESTA homes, Barnaby House. For us, it became the miracle house.

I am writing to express our sincere appreciation for the care Jack has received and continues to receive in his group home. I visit Jack regularly. After a lifetime of parental care, he made the transition to the group home very well from a sibling’s perspective. I can only believe that it has been the work of the staff that has enabled this to happen. The consistency of care, the quality of the relationships, the personal attention, and the home, in every sense of the word, has made us as a family grateful and blessed that VESTA has managed to maintain such a strong team of counselors and caregivers. Jack in many ways has come out of his shell. It may not be all that evident to others but my sisters and I see a definite improvement in his ability to relate to his world and even smile and laugh at times. The first time I saw him smile when we returned “home,” I almost cried. When we go out, he will eventually ask when he will get to “go home.”

As I mentioned above, I believe it is due to the fact that for the most part the staff has remained consistent. Linda Williams is one of the most capable people I have met in any walk of life. She has always told me to drop by any time, with and without notice. The house (both Barnaby House and Alcon) is always clean and organized. The men are eating good meals when I drop by and are always well groomed. I have not met with Elizabeth often given her shift but I have been in touch with her over the years to see if Jack needs anything and to arrange to pick Jack up for some dental appointments. I have met Tony on weekends and, at Barnaby House, I met Brian. I know there are drivers and others who fill in and I appreciate their work. These are truly people who have chosen difficult work and treat the residents with the utmost respect. This summer Linda organized a cookout for the residents and their families. While I had met the other men in the house, it was a first for me to meet some of their families. I was able to connect with others whose families have suffered like ours with our inability to help a child/sibling. It was a wonderful afternoon.

I want to let the leadership of VESTA know how important we feel the work VESTA performs is and how well we think that work is being done. Providing safe, enriching environments for the consumers with varying levels of illness is a huge undertaking and I believe that VESTA has addressed a critical need in our area. I’ve been thinking more about this during the government shutdown. As the federal budget strains to meet such a wide range of needs and interests, I fear that this vulnerable population may be adversely affected. If at any time, VESTA feels the ability to accomplish its mission is threatened, I hope you will let us, as families, know what we can do. Again, I want to thank the VESTA leadership, the team in Forestville and the staff managing my brother’s home for the most incredible accomplishments you have achieved. My appreciation and prayers go with all involved.

Thank you,

Your organization is blessed to have such wonderful employees...

I am writing this letter to share my experience with the Vesta office in Lanham, Maryland.

I recently enrolled my son in your program. My first call came from Ms. Peggy O'Brien who was both professional and knowledgeable and I knew right away that she was interested in helping me. She set up an appointment for us to come into the Lanham office for an interview. She was such a joy to work with, very patient and caring. She then introduced me to Ms. Maxine Curtis.

Ms. Curtis told me all about the program, she listed all of the services that my son would be entitled to and agreed to walk us through the process. Maxine allowed me to ask as many questions as I needed to (some I asked twice) and she patiently answered them as many times as I asked. She made sure that the home that my son would be using was clean and ready to be occupied. She explained the rules to my son and made sure he understood how everything worked. In a world where good customer service seems to be a part of the past, Ms. Curtis and Ms. O'Brien could each write a book on how it should be done.

Your organization is blessed to have such wonderful employees and should be very proud of the work that they do. Not only do they do their jobs well but the attitude that they exemplify is to be commended.

Thank you for keeping the vision that knowledgeable and caring employees are still necessary and continuing to train and employ persons such as this in your organization. I don't know how you reward your employees for excellent service but I wish you would find a way to reward these two employees.

Again, thank you for all of your help and I look forward to working with your organization in the future.

Be blessed,
Mary, A very satisfied Client

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