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Community Integration Program - On and Off Site (PRP)


Through our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) we work with individuals to enhance their lives and develop skills to be as independent as they would like to be; based on a person-centered approach. We offer a combination of individual and group sessions that can be provided on-site in our offices, or off-site, in the community.

Areas of development could include:

Emotional and physical well-being,

Symptom management,

Social skills,


Healthy living skills: Hygiene and Nutrition

Prevocational planning

Independent living skills such as personal finance and personal safety.

Image by Helena Lopes

Our Forestville, Lanham, California, Odenton & Waldorf locations offer on-site and off-site options.  We also have a community based (off-site) PRP in Germantown, Silver Spring, and Lanham.  OMHC services (therapy and medication management) can be offered in conjunction with our PRP programs.  

Referrals & Eligibility 

To be eligible, adult clients must have a psychiatric diagnosis that meets the Priority Population criteria.   All applicants must be working with a licensed mental health clinician or be open to a referral.  We accept Maryland Medicaid or self-pay clients.  

Where appropriate, please share your list of medications and hospital or court referrals. 

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