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Our Services

Who Do We Serve?

We specialize in quality mental health care to individuals with Medicaid and Medicare throughout Maryland. We serve adults and children (ages 7+) coping with a wide variety of mental health challenges across levels of intensity. We offer outpatient therapy for individuals, couples, and families, medication management, day and residential programs for adults, and more. Whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, family and school conflicts, and/or severe and persistent mental illness, Vesta has a place for you.

Why Choose Vesta?

Vesta has over 30 years of experience bringing quality mental healthcare to our Maryland community. Our comprehensive ecosystem of care means that no matter where you or your loved one are on the spectrum of need, we can ensure quality therapy, care, and rehabilitation. Visit our Testimonials page to learn more about what our clients have to say about Vesta. 

Our Programs


Individual Therapy (On-Site and Telehealth)

Couples and Family Therapy (On-Site and Telehealth)

Child and Adolescent Therapy (On-Site and Telehealth)

Group Therapy (On-Site and Telehealth)

Medication Management 

Community Integration Program (PRP)

Community Housing, Residential Rehabilitation Program (RRP)

Supported Living

With one of the strongest continuums of care in the State of Maryland,

we can ensure our clients across the spectrum of needs have access to whatever mental health service they need in-house, without needing to see another provider. 

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