Frequently Asked Questions

Community Housing and Community Integration

How can I get into one of Vesta's Community Housing or Community Integration Programs?

Individuals can be referred for Vesta’s services by family members, physicians, therapists, other service providers, or by self-referral by contacting any of the rehab centers or by contacting your county's Local Behavioral Health Authority. All requests or referrals for Vesta's Housing Program must come from the Local Behavioral Health Authority. If you would like to be considered for admission to our Housing program and need an application, contact the Local Behavioral Health Authority in your county. In order to be admitted for services, you will need to meet the entrance criteria for the specific program you are interested in. The applicant:

  • must be 18 years of age or older;
  • have a primary diagnosis of mental illness and have impaired functioning due to the illness;
  • will be or is under the care of a licensed provider;
  • is a resident of the county in which you are seeking services;
  • is not acutely psychotic at the time of admission;
  • is not dangerous to self or others;
  • is willing to take all medications as prescribed;
  • is willing to develop a collaborative service plan;
  • is willing to sign releases of information, intake forms, and fee agreements;
  • is assessed by Vesta as being likely to benefit from services and is willing to accept such services.
You will be contacted to schedule an intake within 72 hours following receipt of refer

What is a typical day like in the Community Housing program?

A typical day is structured and includes taking medications, chores in the home, and participation in the day program. This can include therapy sessions, house meetings, dinner preparation and leisure activities.

Are visitors allowed?

Yes. This is addressed in the client’s lease.

Is there a curfew?

No, there is not a curfew. Please refer to the lease for additional information.

Why should I come to the Community Integration program?

Vesta's programs are voluntary. As responsible adults, it is your decision whether or not to come to the program. However, attending the program provides you with a variety of opportunities to: enhance your daily independent living skills; meet new people and make friends; learn and practice good work habits if employment is your goal; lessen isolation by interacting with others who can understand your experiences; and offer support; receive education about your illness and how to cope with symptoms, medications, side effects, and other issues; link up with other resources and services you may need or request; practice social and interpersonal skills in a safe environment.

All I really need is a place to stay. I don't want the services. Can I still be admitted to the Community Housing program for housing only?

The Community Housing program is a rehabilitation program; it is not merely a housing program. The number of beds is limited and there is a waiting list of individuals who want and need the services and support that come with the housing. If all you need is housing, Vesta is not a good option for you. You would be referred to agencies and organizations that could assist you in finding low cost, affordable housing options.

Outpatient Mental Health Clinics

How do I begin services at Vesta, Inc.?

The first step is to complete our referral form and submit it with your ID and insurance information to the Intake and Referral Coordinator. Referral Application > Once this form is completed and submitted to the Intake and Referral office, you should be contacted within 2-3 business days.

Can Vesta help me if I don't have insurance?

Yes. You may still be able to receive services. Please reach out to the intake coordinator for more information

Substance Use Disorder Services

Which regions offer SUD services?

All Vesta outpatient clinics can provide an SUD assessment and individual therapy. Group availability varies across sites. Currently, Lanham is our only region offering IOP services.

General Questions

I have a complaint, who do I contact?

Any complaint can be addressed by asking to speak to the employees' supervisor, or you may follow the grievance procedure listed in your Client Rights and Responsibilities.

My Social Worker/School/Other Agency, needs information about my record with Vesta, Inc. How do I obtain a copy of my records? Why can't I have a copy of my records to give them?

a. An authorization to release/exchange information form must be completed and current in your chart, a written request must be submitted to the record requisition person at the location with the information of the other agency that we need to release information to. b. If an authorization to exchange/release information form is on file, we can provide a copy of your records, however, once you receive the copy, we are not responsible or liable if the records are lost, altered, or destroyed.