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  • How do I begin services at Vesta, Inc.?
    The first step is to complete our referral form and submit it with your ID and insurance information to the Intake and Referral Coordinator. Once this form is completed and submitted to the Intake and Referral office, you will be contacted within 2-3 business days. If you do not receive a response, please send an email to Visit locations here>
  • What insurance does Vesta accept?
    Vesta currently accepts clients with Medicaid and Medicare insurance. Vesta does not accept private health insurance at this time, nor does Vesta accept Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Can Vesta help me if I don't have insurance?
    Yes, you may still be able to receive services. Please reach out to the intake coordinator for more information.
  • I have a complaint, who do I contact?
    Any complaint can be addressed by asking to speak to the employees' supervisor, or you may follow the grievance procedure listed in your Client Rights and Responsibilities.
  • My Social Worker/School/Other Agency, needs information about my record with Vesta, Inc. How do I obtain a copy of my records? Why can't I have a copy of my records to give them?
    a. An authorization to release/exchange information form must be completed and current in your chart, a written request must be submitted to the record requisition person at the location with the information of the other agency that we need to release information to. b. If an authorization to exchange/release information form is on file, we can provide a copy of your records, however, once you receive the copy, we are not responsible or liable if the records are lost, altered, or destroyed.
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