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Intern with Vesta

Vesta offers an extensive internship program for Social Work and Counseling students specializing in mental health in the advanced standing year of their master's program.


At Vesta, students can expect to gain a wide variety of clinical skills by working with clients of all backgrounds to provide outpatient therapeutic services. Students will have the opportunity to learn about diagnoses, interventions, and best practices in a supportive environment. Upon completion, our interns have reported they are ready to step into this important profession with confidence in the skills they have gained during their time at Vesta. 

We value the contributions our interns make to our community of healing, and as such we are proud to offer significant benefits to interns who choose to stay on with Vesta post-graduation. Interns that elect for employment with Vesta following graduation receive 110% compensation for the services provided while in the internship program, paid out in a lump sum after 6 months of employment. This sign-on bonus is to be enjoyed in addition to the regular benefits and bonuses enjoyed by our Vesta clinicians. 

Please see our Internship requirements below.

For more questions about our internship program and benefits, please feel free to reach out to our Internship Director, Emily Bucheimer:


Join our Team!

Interested in becoming an intern with Vesta? We would love to have you join our team! Interested Social Work and Counseling students are encouraged to reach out to our Internship Director Emily Bucheimer at with a resume and short statement of interest. Upon review of the Internship Criteria and confirmation of eligibility, prospective interns will receive an offer to interview to join the Vesta team. 

Please review the following criteria carefully to determine your eligibility and availability to participate in Vesta's Internship program:

  • Advanced standing or 2nd year graduate student

  • 1 day minimum onsite weekly

  • 16 hours minimum dedicated to internship weekly (more is allowed if required)

  • 6 months minimum timeline

  • Drug screen is required upon acceptance of offer letter (We have federal funding therefore must follow the federal guidelines for clean drug screens)

  • Mandatory weekly meetings 11:30am-1pm on Thursdays

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