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Our Mission and Vision

At Vesta, our mission is to prioritize our client's individual development and well-being. We believe that everyone deserves a quality of life that includes mental well-being, healthy relationships, stable housing, employment, and community involvement, regardless of a person's mental health needs. We recognize the barriers of stigma, funding, and program availability, and we are dedicated to overcoming these obstacles.

Our mental health providers and staff are our most valuable resource in achieving these goals. We are committed to the personal growth of our clients and the professional growth of our staff. We understand that delivering high-quality service requires trained, dedicated, and satisfied employees.

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Vision Statement

To empower individuals to achieve self-determination.

To enhance and enrich our clients lives in their communities.

To promote understanding and inclusion for all.

To be proactive in working with individuals, families, and organizations for greater well-being for all.

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Meaning of Our Vision

At Vesta, our mission is deeply rooted in individualized, client-centered care. We meet each client where they are at and work together to achieve the goals that matter most to them. We empower our most vulnerable clients to achieve self-determination and help every client to enrich their lives, individually and within community. 

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