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Start Your Healing Journey

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 Quality Mental Health Care
for Individuals
with Medicaid and Medicare
in Maryland. 

Our clinics offer therapy, medication management, and substance abuse counseling for clients ages 7 and up experiencing a range of mental health symptoms, from anxiety and depression to severe mental illnesses. Become a new client or refer a client with our referral form.

Therapy Session

Our Community Integration (COI/PRP) day programs help individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness to develop necessary life skills and gain the independence they desire. Our day programs are offered on and off site throughout several Maryland counties and are open to referrals. 


With a comprehensive ecosystem of care, we offer Residential Rehabilitation and Supported Living programs to individuals experiencing severe and persistent mental illnesses to cultivate a safe environment for the development of skills for independent living.

Wh0 is Vesta?

 Vesta means "hearth" in Greek, a place where people gather in community to cultivate understanding and care.


With one of the strongest continuums of care in Maryland, Vesta provides comprehensive and ongoing mental health services for adults, children, and adolescents with a range of mental health challenges — including serious mental illness. From outpatient therapy to residential programs, we are ready to serve you and your loved ones at our seven locations throughout the State.

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